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Long Term Care Insurance

For most people, the words long term care mean only one thing - the nursing home. And that is a reality no one wants to face. The truth is, long-term care today may not mean the nursing home at all. More and more, long-term care services are being delivered in the comfort of our own homes. The best long term care insurance policies today cover all these types of care. Some even include modifications to your home to make it possible for you to remain independent at home. There are special discounts for married couples applying together and ways for benefits to be shared between husband and wife.

Some Federal benefits are available for long term care through Medicare and Medicaid. However, assuming that you are covered by Federal programs may be unrealistic. Medicare is designed to meet acute care needs only - not such long term care expenses as housekeeping, dressing, feeding, and other daily tasks. Medicare supplements typically pick up the costs of the first 100 days of skilled nursing care, and only while your health is improving. Medicaid, a form of government assistance, is designed to care for America's poor in nursing facilities.  (Please contact the state Medicaid office for detailed questions regarding Medicaid eligibility). Even though Medicaid is only for the impoverished, many of us still cling to the hope that it holds the answer to our long term care needs.

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